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Keto-Friendly Options at Arby’s and Wendy’s

Finding something that is low carb and tastes GOOD is always hard when I forget to pack snacks or end up out about longer that I planned for the day and need some fuel.

Here are just a few options you can try, and I have included the macros for each so you don’t have to wonder what to get.

I would say just about all restaurants, especially fast food, have all their nutritional information available online nowadays. Some are more user friendly to find than others, but if you look on the company’s main page you should be able to find a tab for “Nutritional Information” or something similar.

Some places, like Arby’s, make is super easy by allowing you to also customize their menu items to get a more accurate count for your daily macro planning. You can click on the menu item and choose to remove the pita bread or bun or condiments – and refresh your “meal” to get the updated information.

So, here are some of my go-to meals when I am hungry and didn’t plan well for my day (which happens a few times a week it seems).

Arby’s – They Have the Meats!

When looking at the menu, I used to pick something super cheese filled thinking that would be close to Keto. I was SO wrong!

Don’t let the mozzarella sticks or Jalapeno poppers fool you! Although they have just that little bit of breading outside and are filled with cheese on the inside – they still come in at around 30 net carbs in the smallest serving, and that is WITHOUT the sauces.  Use the Bronco Berry sauce and you add another 15 grams of carbs!

Instead, stick with the sandwiches and simply remove the bun or pita bread and most options will fit into your Low Carb day just fine!

Traditional Gyro-Salad Hack

My absolute favorite lately is the Traditional Gyro (with the lamb meat, not turkey or beef) on top of a side salad! This simple lunch is filling and keeps me on track with my macros!

If you ask for “no pita”, they usually place everything in a small bowl for you. Throw it on top of the small side salad (instead of the fries) and you have a wonderful and quick lunch that is satisfying and full of protein and fats. Keep all the fixings, even the Tzaziki sauce!

Per Serving (Gyro on top of Side Salad):

Calories 520 / Fat 42g / Carbohydrates 17g / Dietary Fiber 4g / Protein 21g

Turkey Gyro (Sans Pita Bread and Side Salad)

If you’re looking for an even lower carb option at Arby’s you can get the Turkey Gyro instead of the traditional lamb. Turkey is generally a lower fat and calorie dense meat option. If you skip the side salad you also save another 4 net carbs from your meal.

Per Serving (without the Pita Bread):

Calories 210 / Fat 13g / Carbohydrates 6g / Dietary Fiber 1g / Protein 18g

Brisket Bacon And Cheddar (Sans Bun)

For the meatiest of the meats – this was Shane’s choice when he was doing Keto with me! Brisket, Bacon, AND Cheese? What more could you want in a keto-friendly non-sandwich?

Per Serving (without the bun):

Calories 550 / Fat 38g / Carbohydrates 6g / Dietary Fiber 1g / Protein 44g

Wendy’s – More than Just Burgers

Wendy’s has been a family favorite for as long as I can remember. As a kid we would get excited knowing that after church we would be going to Wendy’s for lunch! I was the one time a week we got to go out for “fast food”. I still love their Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and once in awhile I will treat myself to a completely non-keto Jr. Frosty, but that is for another time.

It’s easy enough to order any of their amazing burgers without the bun to stay in your macro goals for the day, but the salads and other items can be tricky to know what is okay and what to stay away from.

Stay away from the breaded chicken sandwiches, even without the bun they still have a lot of hidden carbs in that crispy coating. Also most the salads are okay, but check the dressings – and definitely skip the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad which clocks in at 29g of carbs!

Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad is the Bomb!

Recently I tried the Southwest Avocado salad and was not disappointed! This little half salad had just the right balance of grilled chicken and crispy bacon, accented with Southwest Ranch and creamy avocado!

Wendy’s Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad

Per Serving (Half Salad as on Menu):

Calories 300 / Fat 21g / Carbohydrates 9g / Dietary Fiber 4g / Protein 22g

Chicken Nuggets are An OK Option

Sometimes I really just crave that not-really-good-for-me-but-not-so-bad fast food fare. It’s a guilty pleasure, but it is me. So if you are really craving something warm and juicy that won’t knock you out of ketosis for the day, you can opt for a SMALL 4 piece chicken nuggets.

Get them with Ranch or no sauce. Some of the other options add another 10-15g of carbs in that little tiny bucket of gooeyness.

Per Serving (No Sauce):

Calories 190 / Fat 12g / Carbohydrates 9g / Dietary Fiber 1g / Protein 10g

Be Creative, Find Something You Enjoy

There are endless options with all the different restaurant we have access too. Just make sure you have researched the items and then you can figure out your “go to” combination so you don’t sabotage your healthy goals when you have to choose fast food to get through the day.

The best option is always to plan ahead, so try to take an hour a week to prep some snacks and easy meals you can take with you in the car or to the office.

But when you are in a pinch, I hope you find something you can enjoy so you feel satisfied AND keep within your macros for the day.

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